Consistency – Be the True Blue of What you Do

by Christine Unterthiner

When thinking about this topic and where to start, I looked up the definition of consistent: unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time. Then my mind wandered (of course) in another direction: why do I often view the brands I like as being "true blue". At first I didn't see these things as related however, as you'll see, they are very much intertwined.

Steadfast, constant, and dependable are a few words synonymous with being both consistent and true blue. When it comes to your brand – whether you're one person or a big organization – branding is basically the act of taking everything you do or say out there, whatever the media/medium, and truing it up to who and what you say you are, and doing it consistently. Period.

Does this line up with what we’re committed to, does it demonstrate who and what we are?

If something doesn't line up with your brand, don't do it. If you're unsure whether it does or not, go back and review your "Why".* Once you've reconnected to the Why, you'll know if the What you're about to do is a match. When you ensure everything you do ties back to the brand, your message will always be authentic. Do it consistently, over time, and you will earn trust and loyalty.

Being consistent includes anything from using your visual design elements correctly – after all, you pay your design and branding firms well so they can guide you, and help you stay consistent – to customers receiving the same experience, no matter what their location, time of day, issue, etc.

Yes, you may start getting bored.

As entrepreneurs, we do like the excitement of building something new, but don't give in, and don't stop! When you start feeling a bit stir crazy, remember: the majority of people out there haven't even seen or heard of you – yet. Stick with and I promise, you will start getting traction. As I said in last week's article about competition, stay true, stay consistent and your people will begin to see you, recognize you and follow you. One step at a time, you'll become the true blue of what you do and they'll become your biggest fans.

The brands who have my devotion are the ones who keep doing the thing they do best, keep me happy and keep doing it their way.

P.S. If you want to know more about your "why", check out Simon Sinek. And, If you want to jump in and get started with you brand, ask me about my Branding Discovery Session.

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